District Health Department #10 to Stop Publishing COVID-19 Exposure Sites

One local health department says they will no longer publish COVID-19 exposure sites within their footprint.

The District Health Department #10 covers 10 counties stretching from Missaukee County, all the way over to Oceana and Mason Counties.

They say due to the labor needed to track all exposure sites, they are not seeing the value of posting these sites, compared to the work needed for their employees to do elsewhere.No More Exposures Pic

They say now has Michigan’s numbers continue to rise people should treat everywhere as an exposure site.

“What we’re finding now is that based on the volume of cases that we have to deal with and the level of community spread that we’re seeing in the community,” says Kevin Hughes, health officer with DHD #10, “Individuals should expect that anytime they leave their home, engaging with others, there’s a potential increased risk of contracting COVID-19.”

Social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask is more important than knowing where the virus was previously, according to the health department.

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