District Health Department #10 No Longer Publishing COVID-19 Public Exposure Sites

Have you wondered recently why you haven’t seen nearly as many possible exposure sites listed anymore?

That’s because cases are getting so bad, contact tracing put too much strain on too many local health departments.

Here’s what District Health Department #10 says you can do yourself.

“At this time, the public must take responsibility for their own actions that could potentially put others at risk. If you choose to go out in public, whether to a grocery store, a restaurant, a church, a social gathering or event, or are simply visiting friends or family outside of your household, you must assume that someone could potentially be present who is contagious with COVID-19. You should always be monitoring for symptoms and consider getting testing if symptoms appear.”

District Health Department #10 says they will no longer publish potential exposure sites.

“We did not come to this decision lightly,” said Kevin Hughes, Health Officer for DHD#10. “The decision was made because we can no longer extend our limited resources to investigating potential exposures. Being that we are now eight months into this pandemic, and cases are significantly on the rise, we must focus our efforts on case investigation and contact tracing.”

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