Community Foundation for Mason Co. Awards Local Teachers with Over $4K in Grants

Teachers in Mason County just got an extra boost thanks to a generous donation. Mason County

The Youth Advisory Council of the Community Foundation for Mason County awarded local teachers more than $4,000.

These mini grants will help teachers buy new materials specific for their classrooms.

The physical education teacher at Mason County Central used the grant to buy 120 new wristbands with heart rate monitors.

That means each class can use the monitor then sanitize the wristband afterward.

She says without this grant, students wouldn’t have the equipment.

“This came at a perfect time because it made me excited again to be able to offer the kids the use of these so that they can get excited about PE again. Because with the way things were going this year, there’s a lot of things that I have to look at students and say no we can’t do that this year,” said Brooks Johnson, Teacher.

Other teachers used the money to buy books and music equipment.