Community Members Bike to Donate Food for Norte’s Cranksgiving

Norte Advocacy Director, Garry Howe says, “That team atmosphere, let’s go have fun and give back together- that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Showing your gratefulness and coming together as family or friends.”

Norte assigned each team a mission and a grocery list.

“We texted everybody their Thanksgiving Manifest, which is the list of food items and hygiene items from pantries that they’ve told us they need,” said Howe.11 21 20 Norte Cranksgiving

This year the Baja family is participating in their first Cranksgiving.

“Were moving our legs, biking, while also donating. It was really fun,” they said. “And we saw other Cranksgivers at the store. So that was really fun watching people come in.”

They say this won’t be the last on they take part in.

“We’re outdoors we’re being safe, we’re distancing. What better way just to help out our community for the people who can’t get out and do that,” said the Baja family.

After Norte collects all the donations they will pack them up to deliver them to local pantries across all three towns.