Toy Town in Cadillac Holds Toy Trot 5K

Gommesen said, “This year we raised more money from sponsors than we have in previous years and we’ve had over 75 people—runners sign up. So, that just means that people really want to come out here.”

Runners were sent out in three different groups to allow for social distancing.

Each registration fee is money donated to purchase presents for Toys for Tots. “Toy Town Matched the first $2,000 in donations and sign up fees. We do 100% of profit goes straight to toys,” says Gommesen. “Obviously with social distancing it looks a little differently than previous years but we have small groups and families running together.”

One runner says they are just thankful to participate in a community event while giving back.1ed197fc 15bc 4836 8d59 Debc7c7f4373

Runner, Ed Bogert said, “It’s humbling but my wife and I love to give back in many different ways. So, this was a great opportunity. Last year we did the Turkey Trot, several years in a row. Unfortunately that was cancelled.”

Toy Town day they are overwhelmed by the amount of generosity from local sponsors but are still looking for more support.

Gommesen says, “This year we’re at almost $6,500 and this is just a great event that we like to do, but obviously it’s different. We can take toy donations all the way up to Christmas Eve.“

Toy Town says they are even giving discounts to those looking to purchase toys to donate.