TCAPS Gets $30K to Support Students Experiencing Homeless

Traverse City Area Public Schools just got $30,000 donation to support their students who are experiencing homelessness.

The money from Step Up Northern Michigan and the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation’s Urgent Needs Fund will help at-risk students get the support they need.

The money is especially impactful as it will help coordinators keep students learning even through these coronavirus transitions.

Step Up Northern Michigan helps kids access all kinds of basic needs so that they can keep their eyes on doing well and keeping up with school. Every year, TCAPS works with nearly 500 students who use these services in one way or another.

“We recognize that if you don’t have your basic needs met, you’re not going to be available for learning. So, we have this program in place so that we’re not losing kids through the cracks and we’re keeping kids in school,” said Christine Guitar, the executive director of TCAPS’ marketing and communications.

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