National Adoption Month & Virtual Information Sessions with Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan

November is National Adoption Month and that has Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan trying to get the word out.Take 10

Child & Family Services works year round to help countless children and teens get into permanent homes or foster families.  Their staff members work one on one with kids and families to find the perfect fit.

“At any one time. There is 14,000 kids in the foster care system just in Michigan, and about 3,000 of those kids will be adopted at some point during the year, but 300 of those kids will not have identified homes,” says Melissa Ryba with Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan.

With the ongoing pandemic, there are virtual programs taking place to better educate and inform potential families on how the adoption and foster programs work.

“We started a new Facebook Live event called ‘Take 10’ and it’s going to be once a month and it really addresses a specific issue of foster care. So, the next one is going to be December, 1oth at noon, so if you want to take 10 minutes and learn more about what it’s like to be a foster child during the holidays,” says Ryba.

There is also a second virtual event taking place in mid-December.

“If you’re just interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, you have to be a licensed foster parent. First, we have virtual trainings every month as well.  So, the next one will be December, 16th at noon.  So, if you go to our Facebook page you can RSVP,” says Ryba.

For a direct link to the Facebook page and to RSVP for either of the virtual events through Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan click here.

For a link to the Child & Family Services website click here.

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