Election Law Experts Discuss Shirkey & Chatfield White House Meeting

Michigan’s House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader were in Washington D.C. Friday meeting with President Trump.

The meeting comes as the president continues to cast doubt on the outcome of the election and the vote in Michigan.

The meeting is drawing harsh criticism with many worried the president may pressure Michigan’s legislative leaders into taking action to change who gets Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

But election lawyers say legally, the legislature can’t do that.

Michigan’s board of state of canvassers is set to meet Monday to certify the state’s election results. Election law experts say if the board doesn’t certify, they’ll likely face a court order to do so.

“It would be a bit disingenuous for folks who at their convention selected a slate of electors who said, these folks should be selected if our candidate wins, to try and say the we’re going to use a different process, in addition to being illegal, there’s no sense of fair play if that were to occur,” said Steve Liedel, Office Managing Member, Dykema.

The Monday meeting to certify will come following a meeting between president trump and Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker, Lee Chatfield.

Chatfield tweeted he wouldn’t apologize for meeting with the president and said he was honored for the opportunity.

There are also reports the president’s outside legal team won’t be present following a possible  COVID exposure.

Experts say regardless of what might come up in this meeting, the legislature doesn’t hold the power to change who’s getting Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

“You can look through the entire election code that was written by the legislature and signed by governors of both parties there is no role for the legislature in this process,” said Mark Brewer, Attorney, Goodman Acker P.C.

President-elect Joe Biden leads President Trump by about 154,000 votes in Michigan.

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