Wentworth Looks to be a Voice of the People as Speaker of the House

Next year, a new legislature takes over in Lansing and with it, a new leadership team.

And for the second straight term, the Speaker of the House will be from the 9&10 News viewing area.

Farwell’s Jason Wentworth will take over as the House leader.Jason Wentworth

In an interview Thursday, he says he wants to strengthen the voice of the people in Lansing under his control. He wants the House to stand for what’s right and what the people want, instead of bending to the will of state leaders.

That includes the response to COVID-19, the biggest issue hanging over the beginning of his tenure as Speaker.

“I truly believe when you bring people to the table and you have different voices represented, you’re going to have a better outcome and that’s what the people of Michigan expect,” says Wentworth, “They want to know just not the why’s but the reasons and the whens. When are we going to be finished with this pandemic? When are we going to see some of the restrictions being lifted? What are we trying to accomplish?”

Wentworth will officially be sworn in on the first day of session in January.