Traverse City Light & Power’s Fiber Internet Service Sees Early Success as Thousands Learn and Work from Home

As thousands are working and learning from home, Traverse City Light & Power’s new fiber internet service is taking off.

The community utility launched phase one of their fiber internet service in October. Since then, dozens of homeowners and businesses have signed up and many more on a waitlist.

The early success surprised TCL&P, but then again, they recognize that the pandemic has many learning and working from home and in need of fast internet.

“It’s been it’s been great so far,” said TCL&P’s CIO Scott Menhart. “Here we are deploying a critical infrastructure needed especially for a time like the pandemic.”

The fiber service allows for speeds like 1000 megabits per second, and multiple family members in one house can download, upload, stream and surf all at once without speeds being throttled.

“All the board’s after efforts over the years finally culminated to this launch date and we did it and we launched, and now we’re actually actively hooking people up it’s a really good feeling,” said Menhart, who says 88 homes and businesses have fiber so far.

Phase one of their service was only available to a certain service area but their service will expand within the next two years.

The board will be meeting in early 2021 to discuss when and how soon that will happen.

“I think a service like this will really, really help out that, because it’s a constant connection; constant remote work. As we see workers working from remote, they’re increasing productivity.”

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