Antrim County Clerk Testifies in Lansing Over Election Issues

The State House and Senate Joint Oversight Committee had three county clerks testify Thursday about the irregularities in vote counting across the state.

One of them was Antrim County’s Sheryl Guy, who’s errors during election night sent waves across the country as people called fraud.

“You know there’s been so much national attention drawn to this,” says Senator Ed McBroom, chair of the Senate Oversight Committee.Antrim County Clerk Pic

The first reports out of Antrim County after Election Day had former Vice President Joe Biden winning the county by 2,200 votes. That sent up alarms that something went wrong.

“It was a result of human error facilitated after two ballot corrections,” says Guy.

Late additions to ballots in two precincts, done incorrectly, started a chain reaction that lead to the mistake. Guy was grilled on the mistake by lawmakers during her testimony.

“It seems like you still don’t really have an understanding of what happened in your county,” says Representative Matt Hall of Marshall, “Is that fair? Or do you think you know what happened?”

“I do think I know what happened,” said Guy, “I believe that when we got a new flash drive, we should’ve pulled all of our jurisdictions back and re-programmed them. We did not do that.”

Antrim County is traditionally very Republican so a decisive Biden win was eye-catching.

“If it hadn’t been amiss to you, how would you have known that something had gone wrong?” asked McBroom.

“Well when the board of canvassers started canvassing, they would’ve definitely thrown up a red flag,” said Guy.

She says the next day was spent hand counting ballots to officially give the win to President Donald Trump, by nearly 4,000 votes.

“I must emphasize this human error did not in anyway,” says Guy, “Affect the official election results of Antrim County.”

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