Yana Dee Ethical Apparel: Shopping a Store with a Door Never Goes Out of Style

With the holiday season quickly approaching, ideas in your head may be churning on what you can get your aunt Sue or your niece Emily… A gift thatYana Dee never goes out of style is shopping a store with a door. Yana Dee Ethical Apparel is a clothing shop that has sustainable and ethical initiatives— offering beautiful clothing that you can feel good about wearing. Yana, the owner says, “Ethical apparel is basically clothing and accessories that are made using sustainable and earth-friendly materials. So here we use a lot of organic cottons, linen, hemp, and silk from salvaged materials like leather burlap from coffee bags.”

Yana has been creating clothing for the majority of her life. She grew up in the Northwest corner of the Upper Peninsula where she had a sustainable upbringing— always putting the planet first. She then went to Finlandia University where she studied product design with an emphasis on sustainability. “There’s definitely a growing niche market for them kind of like with the organic food industry, so it was just sort of a natural fit,” explains Yana.

Their retail store location is located at 157 E Front St. in Traverse City. Here, Yana’s sister Abby Rose serves as the Store Manager. “We’re a clothing and accessories store so we have everything from salvaged leather wallets which make for a great little stocking stuffer up to hemp, silk, charmeuse wedding dresses and everything in between,” explains Rose. 

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