Servers Concerned About Unemployment with Upcoming Holiday Season

With new COVID-19 restrictions taking effect Wednesday, workers in the restaurant business might have to file for unemployment once again.

“I think all of the servers and the bartenders and the restaurant owners are all going to struggle,” says Christina Shockome, a server at Seven Slot Grille in Reed City.

During the first shutdown, Shockome says she had to file for unemployment. Now, with the second shutdown she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it.

“With the holidays coming around, it’s kind of stressful. Plus, we had our clientele brought back up so it’s kind of disappointing,” says Shockome.

Without the additional coronavirus unemployment benefits from the state and federal government, Shockome says she would only be able to collect around $170 a week.

And with the holidays coming up, many servers in her position are going to struggle.

“The day after Thanksgiving is usually one of our busiest days here, actually our busiest weekend, so yeah, we’re going to struggle,” says Shockome.

According to the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget, Michigan’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.5 percent last month…. The lowest jobless rate in the state since march.

Shelly Keene, executive director of Michigan Works! West Central, says she’s concerned about how this second shutdown could affect workers.

“If the second shutdown does go beyond three weeks it may impact the amount of unemployment that they can receive and it’s going to be detrimental to a lot of businesses, making the rebound from the second closure difficult,” says Keene.

Michigan Works! West Central says if you can, support your local small businesses right now.

“Your large retails, they’re going to survive a second shutdown, they’ll survive and third shutdown. It’s the small local businesses that we really need to focus on supporting right now,” says Keene.

The owners of Seven Slot Grille recently created a GoFundMe for her staff to help them get through this difficult time. If you would like to donate, click here:

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