Health in Focus: Best Yoga Positions to Relieve Neck Pain

Sitting and slouching for long periods of time can cause havoc on your neck, shoulders, and spine. But, with a little bit of yoga, it can go a long way in relieving your pain.

“Neck pain, arm pain, and shoulder pain are very common reasons to see a neurosurgeon,” said Dr. Jay Jagannathan from Jagannathan Neurosurgery.  “I think a lot of that has to do with posture and just kind of faulty dynamics at work. So, our recommendations are always to track and treat these things non-surgically first, and so things like therapy and yoga exercises are common”.

Stretching and doing certain poses can help alleviate pain, in some cases, immediately. Yoga instructor, Tommy Mack recommends taking a break from tech, and trying the following yoga poses.

  • Upward Dog – When you’re hunched forward, the “upward dog” takes you the opposite way. “It’s kind of a counterpose. Lay stomach down parallel with the floor, extend your head upwards with your arms fully extended”.
  • Lunging Twist – “When we can add some rotation and work the rotation through the spine then certain areas that they rotate more effectively, especially in the upper spine, then the neck won’t have to work as hard to twist and rotate so just creating an environment where the vertebrae can move in terms of rotation very efficiently”.

Like with any exercise, consult your doctor first.

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