Steel Appeal: Northern Michigan Creator Masters Functional Art

There are countless ways to channel your creativity. Some people choose to express themselves through paint and a pallet while others like Curtis 15665827 1695219590789238 6286747977580130957 NWarnes choose to express themselves through metal. Curtis Warnes is the owner of Steel Appeal in Empire. He creates functional art inspired by both metal and natural elements like wood and rocks. 

When driving on M-72 towards Empire chances are you’ve passed some of his iconic work. “I’ve become known as the butterfly chair guy,” explains Warnes. This was his first project well over a decade ago when he was challenged by his wife to create something extraordinary. “That’s kind of where it started. Where I realized how much potential there was,” explains Warnes. 

But Curtis creates more than just the butterfly chair. He’s making custom furniture, wall art, and sculptures. With this business, he’s worn many hats— businessman, artist, marketer, engineer, scientist, and mechanic. He wouldn’t have it any other way. this 9-5 has given him a sense of purpose. 

“Art has given me the opportunity to be successful and fulfilled. Every day I leave here it’s not a job to me, it’s an amazing adventure.”

For more information on Steel Appeal, click here. 

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