Good Reads from Brilliant Books: ‘Libby Loves Science’ by Shelli R. Johannes & Kimberly Derting

Whether or not if it was your favorite subject in school – science is all around us, and an important part of our lives.  Our friend from Brilliant Books in 81wj9p71pxlTraverse City, Anthony Ascione shows us how to get everyone involved and in love with science in his latest reading recommendation.

Libby Loves Science – I love science too, so I was automatically drawn to this book,” said Anthony. “It’s a great way to gets the kids involved in STEM, and some really cool experiments”. Written by Shelli R. Johannes & Kimberly Derting, this book follows a little girl named “Libby” who participates in a science fair. She and her friends explore some basic, but exciting science experiments ranging from the classic vinegar and baking soda volcanos to homemade slime.

“The experiments that she does in the book are experiments that kids and their parents can try together. They don’t make too much of a mess, and get the kids interested in science,” Anthony explained.

For more information about Libby Loves Science by Shelli R. Johannes & Kimberly Derting, click here.

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