Doppler 9&10 STEM – Snow in a Glass!

Alright… I don’t know about you? But what is most amazing about snow is its beauty! You and your kiddos can capture snow in a globe… maybe a good experiment to re-visit around the holidays? If you are a fan of snow or missing the snow you are going to love this!
Snow Glass

What causes the snow in the glass?? The Alka seltzer tablets make the magic happen by creating Carbon Dioxide or CO2.

Carbon dioxide is a gas, so when mixed in with a liquid, it looks like the water is bubbling, that is the gas reacting within the liquid.

Here is what you need at home!

You Will Need:

A Mason Jar

Lid (optional)

Baby Oil


White Paint



  1. Pour your baby oil into a mason jar
  2. Pour white paint into the mason jar
  3. Sprinkle white, blue, grey glitter into the jar
  4. Crush multiple Alka-Seltzer tablets, no set number… the more the tablets, the more intense the reactions
  5. Place a lid on your jar if you want to keep this for a LONG time!

You can scale this up by using a bigger glass, more glue, more glitter, and more tablets!

If your kiddos try this experiment, send us photos of you and your experiment and you might get to see it during weather on The Four on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

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