Michigan’s New Restrictions on Schools, Sports, Dining, & More

The state has issued new coronavirus guidelines aimed at limiting interactions between people in schools, bars and restaurants, and even at work.

The announcement came in a late evening press conference Sunday, but these new orders are not from Gov. Whitmer.

The restrictions come from The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services—and are set to take affect Wednesday.

GuideThose restrictions include:

  • All high schools and colleges will go virtual to limit the spread in schools. But K-8 can still meet in person.
  • All organized sports (other than professional and certain NCAA sports) will be canceled.
  • Restaurants and bars are only allowed outdoor seating, carry-out and delivery.
  • CLOSED: Casinos, theaters, stadiums, arenas, bowling centers, arcades, ice rinks, indoor water parks and group exercise classes.
  • Anyone who is able to work at home must now do so.
  • Read more here.

What’s open?

  • Preschool through 8th grade (at the discretion of the individual districts)
  • Childcare
  • Hair salons, barber shops, other personal services
  • Retail
  • Small outdoor gatherings (25 people)
  • Gyms (for individual exercise with strict safety measures in place)
  • Public transit
  • Funerals (25 people)
  • Health care

Robert Gordon, the MDHHS director, says it is impossible to slow the spread without some sort of intervention.

“No country or state has brought COVID down from spread like ours without terrible loss of life or the force of law responses like ours have worked,” Gordon said.

For now the new restrictions are set to last three weeks, and Gov. Whitmer says she hopes that is all it takes for cases to move back to a better spot.

“Our hope is that everyone take this seriously and does their part and we will see a drastic improvement in our positivity rates and this sheer number of cases that were seeing,” Whitmer said.

Colleges and high schools are now required to start virtual learning, if they haven’t already, on Wednesday. But K-8 can still meet in person at the discretion of the individual district. Here is a list that outlines how some districts are making their own individual changes due to COVID-19.

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