Bier’s Inwood Brewery: Getting a Taste of Historic Inwood through Beer and Art

If you ever find yourself heading north on US-31 on the way to Charlevoix, don’t blink! You may find yourself passing historic Inwood! This small town is16179333 723199221186663 3016918629522819413 O now home to Bier’s Inwood Brewery and the Bier Art Gallery which can be found inside what was once the Hilton Schoolhouse. 

The Bier family is keeping history alive. Bier’s Inwood Brewery was where the head brewer and owner, Tyler Bier grew up. It’s a charming Victorian-style home, that offers some of Charlevoix’s most spectacular views. 

Tyler Bier just so happens to have the perfect last name for making beer. Traditional brewing had always been a hobby while he and his wife made pottery. When his childhood home went up for sale, he decided to make brewing his full-time. “Before this, I was always home brewing, making five-gallon batches on the side. I just decided to go for it,” explains Bier. 

Keeping it in the family, Tyler’s parents Ray and Tami Bier own the art gallery just up the road. Here at the Bier Art Gallery, you’ll find the work of over 100 local artists. For the last 40 years, Ray and his wife Tami have established great relationships with artists and collectors from around the world. Ray Bier says, “I help put food or propane in their tanks or food on their table.” This is what keeps them motivated and going strong year after year.

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If you would like more information on the Bier Art Gallery, click here. 


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