Environmentalist Groups Applaud Gov. Whitmer Over Line 5 Decision

For Love of Water (FLOW) says a cleaner future for Michigan is in sight now that decisive action is being taken on Enbridge’s Line 5.

FLOW Executive Director, Liz Kirkwood says, “To finally and permanently remove these aging pipelines out of our Great Lakes is unprecedented and truly extraordinary. This moment didn’t just happen. This took years in the making.”

Kirkwood says the 67 year-old pipe is deteriorating and it’s only time before it creates a disaster.11 14 20 Line 5 Reax. Pkg

“To pipeline coating loss, to curvatures and bends in this pipeline, because remember this pipeline is moving and undulating with these incredibly powerful currents,” said Kirkwood.

Oil and Water Don’t Mix Coalition agrees with FLOW.

Spokesperson for the coalition, David Holtz says, “You’re only as good as your weakest link and Line 5 —when it comes to energy especially in Northern Michigan and the upper peninsula— is really the weakest link.”

Holtz says this is a chance for Michigan to address the current climate crisis.

“This really creates an opportunity I think both in the short and long term for UP residents in particular to really find a more reliable and less expensive form of energy and now really you’ve got commitment from the state government to do that,” says Holtz.

The notice filed by Governor Whitmer requires Enbridge to cutoff their operation of the pipeline by May 2021.

By then the Governor hopes to have new energy plan created for those impacted by the closure.