World Kindness Day: Random Acts of Raking in Traverse City’s Central Neighborhood

Kindness. It costs nothing but means everything! Today is World Kindness Day, a day that should be celebrated not only on November 13 but every day. Spark in the Dark, an online nonprofit World Kindness Pkg 4helping people with everyday needs, and Restoration Church teamed up for some random acts of raking in Traverse City’s Central Neighborhood. 

Abby McKiernan, the founder and executive director of Spark in the Dark says, “The world… ah! It feels so divided right now. It feels so separate even as we look at signs on lawns that we’re raking.”

Today they’re not looking at who voted for who, they’re looking at them as their neighbors, their friends, and as members of their community. “I think in 2020– we could see more of that,” says Brian Williams, the lead pastor at Restoration Church. 

Joan Sullivan who lives in Traverse City’s Central Neighborhood was on the receiving end of this gesture. “It’s such a nice thing to have someone do, something for you that you don’t expect.”

A small act that can lift someone’s spirits and make them want to go out and do the same. 

 “Love is a universal language and everybody can get behind it.”

If you are feeling generous and looking for ways to give. Get off the couch, grab a rake, and make someone’s day. You can also join Spark in the Dark’s Facebook page to help people with everyday needs (food, clothing, car repairs, etc.) There are 3 chapters— Traverse City, Manistee, and Mount Pleasant. 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there are also several ways to help. Restoration Church is hosting an Adopt-a-Family event, where you can donate a turkey and sides to feed a family in need. 

For more information on Spark in the Dark, click here.

For more information on Restoration Church, click here.

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