Single MOMM Teams up with Books-A-Million to Help Families in Need this Christmas

The holiday season along with the pandemic is making life difficult for everyone, especially single parents trying to make ends meet. That’s why now through December 13th, when you shop at BamBooks-A-Million in Traverse City, you have the opportunity to help a family in need through the Traverse City based organization, Single MOMM.

“Single MOMM is a place where single moms of all walks of life belong. There are over 1400 women in our area that is a part of our community. We provide mentorship, we do event nights, we do single mom connection time, we do classes.  The neatest thing, I think about Single MOMM and the thing that makes it so special is, it’s about single moms helping other single moms reach healthy independence,” says Jennifer Finnegan-Pool with Single MOMM.

Books-A-Million is not only partnering with Single MOMM to make the holiday program happen, but one of their employers understands first-hand the importance of helping single parents.

“When I was growing up in Saginaw, my mom was the single mom, and every year it was the grandfathers and uncles and the aunts who helped us get Christmas presents. So, this would have helped greatly. If we would have this, everything would have been easier. My mom would not have had to work so often in our school system. So an event like this is able to reach out and touch the lives of people right now,” says Ty Shields with Books-A-Million.

If you would like more information about helping Single MOMM and other families in need this holiday season through the special event with Books-A-Million click here.

For a direct link to Books-A-Million in Traverse City click here.


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