Lake Superior State University: Submit a Word to be “Banished” in 2021

Words like “artisanal”, “curated”, and “influencer” are known as some most overused and over-embellishing words of 2020 so far. You can help contribute to Lake Superior State University’s Letters 5570355 1920(LSSU) “Banished Word List” for 2021.

It’s easy. Just submit a word and/or phrase that got on your nerves this year to LSSU’s “Banished Word” website. You’ll need to fill out the form, and explain why the word should be banned. The deadline to submit your word is Monday, November 30 by 8 am. Words will be chosen by a panel of judges.

This annual tradition was created in 1976 by W. T. Rabe, a former public relations director at LSSU.

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