President-Elect Biden Addresses Country, President Trump Seeks Recount

President-Elect Joe Biden addressed the nation on Saturday night.

He emphasized the need for unity and laid out how his administration will tackle the current pandemic.

“They want to reassert the themes of their campaign in order to link the election results to voter support of those issues and positions,” said North Central Michigan College political science professor, Scott LaDeur. “Biden and Harris hit on the main themes of the campaign which was restoring unity in the country, setting an example of leadership that they believe is needed.”

 LaDeur says the time spent waiting for presidential election results may have reduced civil unrest, by giving people time to prepare for the end result.11 08 20 Prof Reax Pkg

“I think it might have been healthier for the country to have this drawn out four or five days as tension inducing as that was for either supporters of Biden or as anxiety inducing as it was for the support for the President,” LaDeur said.

Now President Trump says he will pursue legal action to challenge and double check the election results.

Although experts at the University of Michigan say there is a clear winner in this race.

University of Michigan Towsley Policy Maker, Javed Ali says, “President Trump again is just trying to cast doubt on the veracity of these results and leaving it open perhaps in his mind that somehow that there’s an ability to contest these results.”

Ali says allowing a recount won’t necessarily give President Trump the results he is looking for.

“Even if these results swing the other direction for the states that are undecided or even if a state that has been decided already-if one of those were to flip, the math just doesn’t work out,” Ali said.

All votes in the country must be verified by Safe Harbor Day, which is Dec. 8.

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