Wellness for the Family: Prediabetes and Prevention

1 out of every 3 Americans is at risk for prediabetes. We chat with Blue Cross Blue Shield dietitian, Shanthi Appelo on how this may become an even Pexels Photomix Company 1001897 (1)bigger problem due to the pandemic, and ways to prevent it.

“Prediabetes is the precursor for type 2 diabetes,” says Shanthi. “We have seen quite a bit of weight gain throughout the pandemic and that’s because a lot of people are working from home”. The research at this point isn’t clear that this is the main cause, but it certainly doesn’t help.

Shanthi explained how working from home makes us more sedentary, and tends to give us more time to snack. “The gyms are closed, we are stuck at home, and we are face-timing with the pantry just as much as we face-time with our co-workers,” Shanthi explained. “Many are also delaying doctor appointments”.

All is not lost, however, there are a lot of lifestyle changes you can make now. Shanthi recommends keeping a food journal to keep track of how much sugar and carbs you are intaking. “Track even those little bites of snacks, it adds up especially when you are snacking on the wrong foods often”. You can also take a walk in between breaks from the computer, or go for a stroll while on a phone conference. You can also use household items like a laundry basket full of clothes and do lifts to get

For diabetic-friendly meals and snacks, and more prevention tips from the experts at A Healthier Michigan, click here.

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