Election Officials in Antrim County Investigate ‘Skewed’ Election Results

Election officials in Antrim County are investigating what they say are “skewed” election results.

According to unofficial results early Wednesday morning, the reliably red county turned blue by quite a bit.

Early Wednesday morning, unofficial results were announced showing Antrim County went strongly for Democrats across the ticket.

The county, like much of northern Michigan, is usually very heavily Republican.

The county clerk says she became aware of “apparently skewed” results early Wednesday morning.

The county says they are working with election officials across the county, and with the company that provides their voting software, to figure out what happened.

In a statement, the clerk says they expect to have a clear answer and plan of action by Wednesday afternoon. Until then, they are asking everyone to bear with them.

Update: According to Michigan’s Department of State, the error in reporting unofficial results was because of a user error by the Antrim County clerk that was quickly identified and corrected.

The state also says the error did not affect the way the ballots were actually tabulated and would have been identified in the county canvass before official results were reported even if it had not been identified earlier.

You can read the full explanation of what happened, click here.

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