Addiction Treatment Services Giving Away Free Opioid Overdose Reversal Kit to Businesses

Long before the coronavirus pandemic, Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City has been battling an opioid epidemic.

Img 0215Wednesday, the PORCH at ATS gave away free overdose reversal kits to local business owners to use in case of emergencies in their stores.

Overdose rates are up 27% since the quarantine began in the spring. At the peak of the quarantine, EMS use was up by more than 40% and total overdose rates had skyrocketed as well.

Addiction experts say it’s just as important to have Narcan/Naloxone on hand as it is to have a first aid kit in case of an emergency.

ATS hosted an outdoor training seminar on Wednesday to give away the kits and to show business owners how quick and easy it is to deploy the miraculous drug.

They stressed that these kits can and will save people in our community.

“Overdose doesn’t mean death. That’s why Narcan kits are so important. Having naloxone on hand can literally mean the difference between somebody dying of overdose and having the opportunity to recover and experience life,” said Matt Zerilli, the PORCH recovery center manager.

The kits retail for up to $150, but ATS is giving them away to any business or entity that wants one, and they’ll even restock the kit once it’s been used.

If you’re interested in getting a kit and learning how to use it, contact Matt Zerilli at 231-633-5401 or

The overdose reversal drugs do not have negative side effects if they’re used inadvertently, and more importantly, anyone who deploys them is not held liable for using it if they’re applying it to save someone’s life.

The drug works quickly by being sprayed into an affected person’s nostril(s).