Election 2020 Electoral Votes: Road to 270

In the closing hours of a campaign shadowed by a once-in-a-century pandemic, President Donald Trump charged across the nation Monday, delivering the incendiary yet unproven allegation that the election would be rigged.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden charged into states that were once seen as safely Republican, looking to lock down his path to the White House.

Never before in modern history have voters faced a choice between two candidates who offered such opposite visions at a time of such trial — as the nation confronts a virus that has killed 230,000 Americans, the starkest economic contraction since the Great Depression and a citizenry divided on cultural and racial issues.

To win the White House, a candidate will need to secure 270 of electoral votes.

Blank Electoral College

All eyes are on Michigan as 1 of 6 major battleground states, along with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina.

Here’s a look at what happened in 2016.

Electoral College 2016

You can see Michigan went red four years ago, with President Donald Trump winning by just 1%.

Now take a look at what happened in the 2012 election. Michigan went blue that year, reelecting former President Barack Obama.

Electoral College 2012

The same happened in 2008 when Michigan gave its electoral votes to Obama over his Republican challenger, John McCain.

Electoral College 2016

Keep an eye on the map below to see how many electoral votes each candidate earns throughout the night.

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