Biden/Obama Flint Rally Draws Enthusiastic Supporters Ahead of Election Day

Saturday’s rally by the former president and vice president drew people from across Flint and beyond.

Rally Crowd React Pkg 7.transferDouglas Hill sat in a lot across from his former Flint high school, binoculars in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of a former president and the man he hopes is the countries next.

“First and foremost you have an experienced individual in government, you have a vice president nominee who has the knowledge of what takes place on the senate level and being able to combine both of those individuals brings a big part of what needs to take place or bring back that comrade that I think we have lost over the last four years,” Hill said.

Douglas was joined by dozens of other Biden supporters outside of Northwestern High School, including LaRosa Patrick. She says this visit shows the issues facing communities like Flint and the state of the Michigan are on the ballot on Tuesday.

“It’s good to know that we have a Democrat party that is here to help us out and that supports us, so it’s very important that they’re here, that means a lot, they can listen to us and we can listen to the things they have to bring to the table,” Patrick said.

It’s clear a visit by both Obama and Biden generates plenty of excitement. It’s excitement that the campaign and these supporters hope carries voters to the polls on Tuesday.

Hill said, “Regardless, if we able to cross the street or not, we’ll be able to see them hopefully come in and let them know we are here to support them, and we will be here come Nov. 3.”

Patrick said, “That is your right to come out and vote, take your kids, take your grown grandkids and just encourage someone to come out and vote because one vote could make a difference.”


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