Trump, Whitmer Clash as COVID-19 Cases Rise and Election Draws Near

The political world right now is very contentious and because of that the presidential race has been so competitive.

But it has leaders on both sides, at different levels, targeting each other.

Like President Donald Trump and Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Michigan is key in this election and as President Trump is trying to get as many votes as he can in the Mitten Sate, he’s not doing it by trying to build a nice relationship with Michigan’s governor. It’s been contentious and it’s been back-and-forth.Trump In Waterford Pic

It was the president’s third time in Michigan in two weeks. Three more events scheduled in the next three days. Each a major rally with thousands of people packed in, nothing like his competitor, Joe Biden’s, strategy.

“Of course he says that they want to do it that way on purpose,” said Trump Friday at his rally in Waterford, “But the problem is, no one shows up.”

These crowds are just one of the things President Trump and Governor Whitmer have publicly spared over.

“These rallies have contributed to COVID spread and when it becomes out of control we’re all vulnerable,” said Whitmer, “Whether we attended a rally or not.”

“It’s outside.People are wearing masks. We’re giving out masks. It’s cold but people are making personal decisions,” said Ronna McDaniel, GOP National Chairwoman, “If you have an underlying health condition, you probably shouldn’t come to a rally like this.”

The two have traded barbs on Twitter, he criticizes her at rallies, she says he fuels hate and violence.

“I don’t think she likes me too much, do you think she likes me?” said Trump, “I don’t think she likes me.”

“I’ve never said we are going to stop the president from coming to Michigan. I can’t stop the president from coming to Michigan and I wouldn’t even bother trying,” said Whitmer, “What I can do, and what I am willing to do, is continue to try to encourage every Michigander to do their part and wear their masks.”

It leads to the larger issue of COVID-19 response and the restrictions put in place in Michigan.

“We got to get our governor to open our state here Michigan, don’t we?” asked Trump of his crowd.

Chants of ‘Lock her up’ rang out but Friday. Trump didn’t fuel them on, unlike previously, but the divide between the leaders is clear.

“We need to be able to marry the science and the economy together like President Trump is doing,” said Erin Perrine of the Trump Campaign, “Heavy-handed state mandates are really hurting more than they are helping.”

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