Stand Up for Great Lakes Donates $13K to Paddle Antrim

One nonprofit donated more than $10,000 to another all in the name of keeping northern Michigan waters clean. Paddle Antrim

Stand Up for Great Lakes made a $13,000 donation to Paddle Antrim.

It will help bring awareness to the chain of lakes in Antrim County and help keep them clean.

This August the group paddled more than 50 miles through rivers, wetlands and lakes to show how beautiful they are.

Paddle Antrim says this donation is very helpful especially now.

“One of the things that COVID did was it took away our Paddle Antrim Festival and our fundraising events. Because of that we saw a big deficit in our fundraising and so this is incredible,” said Deana Jerdee.

We have a documentary in production showing the whole trip.

Stay tuned for an official air date.