Illinois Judge to Rule on Rittenhouse Extradition Hearing to Wisconsin

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An Illinois judge will rule Friday on Kyle Rittenhouse’s extradition to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse is accused of killing two demonstrators during protests in Kenosha. The protests were in response to the police involved shooting of Jacob Blake.

If extradited, Rittenhouse will go on trial for homicide charges.

His lawyers say he was acting in self-defense. They don’t want him extradited, saying it would be like turning him “over to the mob.”

Rittenhouse’s mother is set to testify Friday during the hearing.

Prosecutors are not calling anyone to the witness stand. They say it should be a Wisconsin Judge gauging whether there are sufficient grounds for charges.

The most serious charge he faces in Wisconsin is first-degree intentional homicide for killing two protestors. He also faces charges of attempted murder for wounding another protestor, and underage firearm possession, which is a misdemeanor.