Growth and Transformation: Downtown Manistee’s Economic Plan

Despite being a smaller Northwest Michigan city, Manistee makes up for it when it comes to its big economic growth. We talk with the Manistee Area Chamber of Commerce economic Manistee Developementdevelopment director, Marc Miller about their plans, and how they are transforming the city into a thriving business community.

There are a lot of projects currently going on in Downtown Manistee, this includes a development project for West Shore Community Colege, the Gateway Project, workforce housing, and new businesses.

“West Shore Community College invested $5-million into our downtown to have an economic development center,” said Miller. He described it as a one-stop-shop for education, job searches, and assistance all under one roof.

Next is their Gateway Project. “This includes a 97-thousand square foot hotel, along with a visitor’s Welcome Center, an event center to have weddings, meetings and conferences, and a marketplace incubator site that will allow people to do more retail and food trucks and so forth”.

They are also working on workforce housing.  “Hollander broke ground this last week, have 45 units that will be in the, in the range that allow the people who live in work here, to, to live comfortably”.

With all of these new developments happening, this has attracted outside businesses to join Downtown Manistee – including a popular Michigan pizza chain, Fricano’s Pizza. “We’re really excited to get that increase in our offering of wonderful food, and food culture here”.

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