Ferris State Police Chief Retires After 7 Years with Department

“I’m excited to kind of be free and do some of the things that I want to do.”

After seven years at the department, Ferris State University Police Chief Bruce Borkovich is putting down his badge and retiring.

Borkovich has been a police officer for more than 34 years.

He says this year, with the pandemic, has been one of the most challenging in his career.

He says packing up his belongings on Friday was tough.

However, says even in retirement, he will always be a police officer at heart.

“I know how I’ll react off duty, or I should say off the job now. I know how i’ll react when I see an emergency and I’ll go right back in to what I’ve always done, even though I’m not a police officer anymore,” says Borkovich.

Borkovich says he’s looking forward to spending time with his grandchildren and exploring the outdoors.