Why Michigan is a Battleground State: A Look at 2016

The reason both campaigns are fighting so hard for Michigan is pretty clear.

If we take a look at the last presidential election in 2016, Michigan was a tight race with President Trump claiming our 16 electoral votes with just a 1% lead over Hillary Clinton. That’s just 10,704 votes.

The president carried almost every county in Northern Michigan, including Newaygo County, where he won 67% of the votes. Nearly 9,000 more votes went to President Trump instead of Hillary Clinton in Newaygo County, that’s one of the highest rates in the entire state.

It is important to note despite the vast majority of counties going to the president, Clinton still kept the race close by winning some of the most populated counties outside of Northern Michigan. That includes Wayne County, which went to Clinton by more than 290,000 more votes than Trump. And Washtenaw County, which earned Clinton nearly 78,000 more votes.

We will be sure to watch the map closely on election night to see if Joe Biden can flip some key counties or if President Trump will hold him off and win the state in back-to-back elections.

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