Whitmer Sits Down 1-on-1 to Explain New COVID-19 Restrictions

The state’s COVID-19 restrictions relaxed immensely when the State Supreme Court ruled against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders.

Now they are slowly being replaced by epidemic orders.

Shortly after new epidemic order changes came down, 9& 10 News’ Eric Lloyd was able to catch up with Governor Whitmer in Mount Pleasant at a volunteer turn out event. They spoke about the changes coming to the Traverse City region and the state, especially on how she is able to do this, since many Michiganders think she lost her executive order powers.Whitmer On Orders Pic

“Ever since then, there’s been confusion,” said Whitmer, “These epidemic orders have the power of law. They are the law. Unfortunately our COVID numbers are climbing and that’s why it’s important to dial back right now.”

These orders from the state are allowed because they are technically not being done by Whitmer, instead by the Department of Health and Human Services through epidemic orders based on health threats.

“It’s all relative. Our numbers are dramatically increasing and it is taxing our healthcare systems,” said Whitmer, “We all pay a price if those get overrun.”

Thursday, the state reported a record number of cases. Hospitalizations are up, positive rates are up and deaths are continuing to add up, higher than the previous peaks.

“We knew that the Fall was going to be more dangerous because more people would be inside however the lack of a national strategy has contributed to numbers across our nation that are unlike anywhere else in the world,” said Whitmer.

Whitmer chalks it up to ‘pandemic fatigue’ but stresses this is the worse time for Michiganders to let their guard down. Not until a vaccine is widely available.

“The fact of the matter is, COVID-19 doesn’t care if we’re tired of it,” said Whitmer, “COVID-19 doesn’t care about a Supreme Court decision. COVID-19 is still very real and it’s still very real threat.”

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