Antrim Co. Commission on Aging Will Not Be Reopening Mancelona Meal Site on Nov. 2

The Antrim County Commission on Aging announced it would not be reopening its Mancelona meal site on November 2 as planned. Commission On Aging

The commission’s director says she was warned that right now the health department is recording some of the highest infection rates in Antrim County since the pandemic began.

Many local seniors take advantage of the meals at the Mancelona Township Area Senior Center Monday through Friday.

But the director says right now it’s just not possible.

“We certainly don’t want our seniors to be encouraged to gather right now. And it is obvious with the increased rates, I mean the rates are the highest they’ve been since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Judy Parliament, Director of Antrim County Commission on Aging.

The Antrim County Commission on Aging is still running its meals on wheels program for anyone in the area over 60.