Northern Michigan in Focus: Rachel Brooke’s New Record

It’s a new critically acclaimed country music record that’s turning people’s heads by going back to the roots of country music.

For this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus, we meet the woman behind the music.

“I feel it’s a real strong country record. It’s got a lot of classic feel to it, but it’s also got a new feel to it.” 10 28 Nmif 20 Rachel

After taking some time away from music, Rachel Brooke is back with her new record ‘The Loneliness in Me.’

“I really hope people like it and I want them to share it and I want people to walk away after hearing my record thinking that that could be the future of country music,” said Rachel.

And with some of the reviews coming in, that might just happen. The website said, “Like the early Johnny Cash, she has an ability to deliver performances that are commercial and accessible while avoiding the antiseptic syrup that spills over much of mainstream Nashville’s output.”

“A lot of the new stuff they have on the radio is, it’s real poppy and I think that a lot of people in country radio think that’s what they want to hear because it sold in the past, but that’s sold in the past because that’s what they’ve put in front of people,” explained Rachel. “I think that people really want to hear good country music, and I think there’s a little bit of momentum right now for lots of artists around the country trying to make that happen we just need the higher ups to cooperate.”

And with her new given title, they just might.

“They did a story in the Northern Express and then there’s this website called Saving Country Music who calls me the Queen of Underground Country.  His words not mine, I’ll just say that, but still it’s interesting and kind of cool,” said Rachel. “’The Loneliness in Me’ is one of my favorite songs on the record actually, but it’s been written in terms of what I’ve been going through in my life. It’s one of my most honest things I’ve ever written. It’s true, it’s me.”

So if you’re looking for something new, yet classic, this might be the record for you.

“If you’re missing that country sound that you remember and you wish that you could go see it someplace in real life, I want people to think of me that way. I want them to think like, ‘Hey, Rachel Brooke does cool classic kind of stuff, let’s go see her instead.’ So that’s what I want. I want people to think like there are options with country music.”

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