Shanty Creek Resorts Close Skiiing on Summit Mountain This Year, Schuss Mountain Still Open

As the winter season approaches, ski resorts are gearing up for visitors to hit their slopes this year.

But because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire has had to make some tough decisions regarding the ski season this year.

“We’re unique as Shanty Creek Resort actually has two ski areas, which is very unique for a resort,” said Steve Kershner, Director of Snow Sports. “This year, the smaller of the two resorts, Summit Mountain, we made a decision to shut that down for one year.”

10 27 20 Shanty Creek Changes Mtm PkgSchuss Mountain will still be available for downhill skiing. Kershner said it was a tough decision to close Summit Mountain this year.

“It really was about all the things that we needed to do to provide safe skiing for both our guests and employees,” said Kershner. “[Schuss Mountain] is where the majority of our skiers are, and so to put all the effort in making it safe over here was kind of the overriding factor.”

Not only were changes made outside the resort, but they were made inside as well.

“We’ve taken the rental shop that was in one room and spread it into two,” said Kershner. “We moved the ski school area to a whole new area. Just kind of spread everything out.”

They’ve also added kiosks to get lift tickets quickly and avoid face-to-face contact.

“As we sell tickets online, you get a confirmation with a barcode,” said Kershner. “You’re able to go to any one of our four kiosks, scan that barcode, and get a lift ticket produced out of the kiosk.”

While things may be different this year, Kershner believes this will be a big year for skiing.

“I’ve opened Shanty Creek Resort skiing for 25 seasons now,” said Kershner. “The one thing in Michigan that hasn’t been locked down is outdoor recreation and I think a lot of people know what happened with kayaking and biking in the summer. The feel is ski is going to do that this winter. Bookings are going extremely well and the feel is that business could actually be up in the year of Covid.”

Shanty Creek Resort is planning to open their ski season the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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