‘Zhoosh-Up’ Your Holiday Feast with a Lovely Centerpiece

With it being only a month until Thanksgiving, now’s a good time to start prepping for the holidays. We chat with the lead florist and floral educator from Sweetwater Floral, Kalin Sheick on how Centerpiecesto make your spread “pop” with a fun and festive arrangement.

“You can have so much fun with centerpieces,” says Kalin. “We’ve made it very easy for people to make their own, and it’s a great way to ‘zhoosh-up’ the dining room table”.

Back in the spring, Kalin started DIY flower kits. These kits come with carefully coordinated flowers and step-by-step directions on how to assemble them – including care. She is currently taking orders or their Thanksgiving Centerpiece kit that features a fall color theme with pops of orange, yellow, and deep burgundy hues.

The kit does not include a vase, but Kalin encourages her customers to use something other than a clear vase. ” I always say if it can hold water, it can hold flowers,” she expressed. “I don’t want them to overthink it”. She also added that you can forage around your yard for plants/flowers that catch your eye, and then add it to your centerpiece. “If you’re just putting in stuff that came to you from professional flower farms, it’s still going to be gorgeous, but that naturally foraged look is what we say is the difference-maker”.

To order the Thanksgiving Centerpiece kit from Sweetwater, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about Sweetwater Floral and their services, click here.

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