Popular Isabella County Campground Gets Upgrades

The Coldwater Lake Family Park in Isabella County now has some new additions thanks to a DNR grant.

Some of the improvements to the campground include three new campsites and nine pull-in sites converted to pull-through sites.

They also upgraded 19 campsites to have 50 amp electric boxes and added above ground fire pits.

10 26 20 Coldwater Camp Vo.transferThese additions were possible through the DNR Recreation Passport Grant.

The campground says these new additions were popular with visitors during their shortened season.

“A lot of people bring a lot of things that need plugging in and they have adapters,” said Sue Ann Kopmeyer, the Director of Isabella County Parks and Recreation Commission. “This way they didn’t pop their breakers with all the things some people for modern camping want to plug in so I think they were very happy with it.”

The Coldwater Lake Family Park will reopen May 1, 2021.

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