‘Healthy’ Halloween Treats at Traverse City’s Natural Candy Store

The countdown to Halloween is on! The haunted holiday is just days away which means trick-or-treaters will be on their way soon. The Natural Candy Store in Traverse City is ramping up for theNatural Candy Store Ll 2 big day as well. They’re an e-commerce business shipping out natural candy all over the world. They’re known for their organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, fair trade, Kosher, and allergy-friendly options. 

Al Bennet, the owner of the Natural Candy Store says, “Everybody’s got their own unique dietary preferences or requirements and so we have a lot of options. We try to categorize everything and make it easy for people to figure out which products would meet their needs.”

If you don’t make it in time for Halloween, the holidays are right around the corner. They will be offering great deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday so stay tuned! 

For more information on the Natural Candy Store, click here.

Please note– this is not a brick and mortar store. You have to order online to receive your treats.

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