Gov. Whitmer Campaigns for Biden-Harris in West Michigan

The Joe Biden campaign had a “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” bus touring the state over the weekend featuring key Democratic figures touting a possible Biden-Harris administration.

Monday morning the first stop was in Grand Rapids and headlined by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

While most of the speakers called for unity and leadership to bring the country together, the biggest topic was COVID-19 and how this pandemic can finish differently if Biden is elected president.Whitmer Bus Pic

If he doesn’t take office until January, would it be too late to make an impact?

“It is not too late, of course, and despite what the White House Chief of Staff was saying yesterday that we can’t get this virus under control, we absolutely can,” Whitmer said. “With the right leadership we can. We’ve seen other nations do it, and America needs a leader who can fight COVID-19, get it under control, and get us back to work. They can get us back to enjoying our families and our friends the way that we all are so desperate to.”

Right now Biden and Harris are leading in the polls, but nobody is resting.

“They know how important Michigan is and while the polls look good, nobody is trying to rest until this election is totally over,” Whitmer said. “That’s why we’re going to work so hard up until the polls close on Election Day.”

Whitmer later held a similar event in Kalamazoo, joined by more Democratic candidates at the state and local levels.

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