Candidates’ Last Full Week on The Campaign Trail

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The 2020 Presidential election is just one week from Tuesday. Both candidates are focused on key battleground states.

10 26 20 Campaign 22020 Sot VoPresident Trump held campaign events in some of those states over the weekend, including Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

To cheers of the crowd, he said, “In 2016, you voted to fire the depraved political establishment and you elected an outsider as your president, who is finally putting America first.”

10 26 20 Campaign 2020 Sot VoOn Sunday night, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden addressed a virtual Get Out and Vote event.

”The reason why I think people should be voting is out of their own self-interest right now because look you know, everything is at stake, from the environment to our health,” he said.

So far, more than 59 million early ballots have been cast. That’s already more than the overall total in 2016.

The presidential push to win Michigan continues.

Here’s a look at the campaign stops planned for this week:

  • President Trump will be in Lansing Tuesday. The Trump campaign says he plans to hold a rally at 2 p.m. at Capital Region International Airport in Lansing.
  • And Gov. Whitmer continues a bus tour Monday, campaigning for Joe Biden. Her four-day tour started on Friday. She will hold a voter mobilization event in Grand Rapids Monday morning at 9:15.

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