Cadillac Family Creates Physically Distant Halloween Candy Launcher

A Cadillac family not only loves Halloween but is making sure kids can still safely trick-or-treat this year.  The Hinkley family has created what they’re calling a candy launcher or a candy cannon Candy Tosser Sot Vo 4.transferin front of their home.

If you drive past their home on Mitchell Street in Cadillac you may have seen the candy launcher along with the family’s amazing Halloween decorations.  Jamie Hinkley and his wife, Anna go all out every year for Halloween, but this is the first candy launcher they’ve created.

Jamie says it took a couple of weeks to construct the device, using a leaf blower, some PVC piping, and a plunger for the candy to get into the barrel.  Then it’s all about tossing some sweet treats to the kids!

“The motivation there was social distancing. We looked at making a candy slide and things like that but something with a little more pizzazz sound like fun.  Halloween is like every holiday this year.  It’s kind of suffered from the pandemic.  This is just something to brighten spirits a little bit, and I just hope we get some trick-or-treaters,” says Hinkley.

If you would like to check out the Hinkley family’s candy launcher they’re at 901 North Mitchell Street next to Northland Trailers and across the street from Midtown Pizza.  They will have their driveway blocked to traffic on Halloween and encourage parents and kids to come around the south entrance behind Mitchell Street.

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