Cadillac Area YMCA Moves into November with Annual Dance-Off

The Cadillac Area YMCA had to change up their routine when it came to their annual “Dancing with the ‘Y’ Stars”. “This event has been going on for a decade, and people are pretty used to seeing 91072770 10157050320697286 759692857538772992 Othat in the fall,” said executive director, Michael Kelso. “But, the nature of that event was that we put 700 people in a room for a big party and that’s just not the thing to do this year”.

Now called “Dancing with Myself for the ‘Y’“, it will have individual dancers instead of couples dancing, and in place of a crowd packed assembly, each individual performance will be showcased on YMCA Cadillac’s website. “We have 10 volunteers that have stepped up to put themselves on social media, and their dances are so creative and fun to watch,” Kelso mentioned. “It’s really humbling to see, they’re putting themselves out there for the benefit of the ‘Y'”.

The dances will be posted the first week in November, but you can vote for your favorite dancer now.

The participants include:

You can cast your vote here. Voting will take place from October 26 through November 5. Each vote is $5.

Click here for more information about Dancing with Myself for the ‘Y’.

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