TCAPS to Reopen Central Grade School Monday After Sewage Issue

Elementary students at Central Grade School in Traverse City got Friday off after a sewer line backed up in the building.

TCAPS says the heavy rains were to blame. The city was out fixing the problem Thursday night, but the building wasn’t clean enough to host students for the school day Friday.

It’s unclear how much sewage spilled and for how long.

“There’s a city line and then there’s the private connection, it was the private connection to the school that ended up having the clog in it but like I said, it’s been cleaned, the issue’s been resolved. Now, we’re just in the process of getting things back in span and ready for our kids to return on Monday,” said executive director of TCAPS communication, Christine Guitar.

TCAPS says in a year of unexpected curveballs this was just another one, and they’re happy the sewage didn’t damage any classrooms or equipment.