Interactive Chart: U.S. Postal Service First-Class Mail Delivery Performance

U.S. Postal Service records show delivery delays have persisted across the country as millions of Americans began voting by mail, raising the possibility of ballots being rejected because they arrive too late.

Postal data covering the beginning of October shows nearly all the agency’s delivery regions missed its target of having at least 95% of first-class mail arrive within five days.

Parts of the presidential battleground states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio are missing delivery goals by wide margins as the agency struggles to regain its footing after a tumultuous summer.

This interactive chart shows how much better or worse postal districts did at delivering First-Class Mail on time using the most recent data from the week of October 3.

This interactive is current as of October 3, 2020, and the information displayed comes from the United States Postal Service.

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