City of Harrison Making Improvements After Securing Grants, Loans

The city of Harrison is making big improvements after it secured some grant money and loans.

They just secured a $280,000 loan to buy a new fire truck that holds more water and pumps it faster.

They also got a $15,000 grant for fire equipment and a $25,000 grant to plan for finishing their downtown streetscape.

That’s on top of $2.2 million grant the city got for water system improving and development.

“With a small community like this we don’t have the revenue coming in that even the bigger towns have and they struggle with it, but we’ve been able to do a lot of improvements. We’re really trying to make the quality of life for our Harrison residents and people that come visit us a good quality,” said City Manager & Clerk Tracey Connelly.

The city hopes to do streetscape planning over the winter and start water system improvements in the spring.

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