Author Spotlight: Antoinette M. Schippers

Born in the Chicago area, Antoinette “Tiyi” Schippers is no stranger to witnessing eerie and mysterious happenings. When she was just three years old, she had her first sight of an eerie presence 9781624911507when her closet door handle began to randomly turn on its own. “My earliest childhood memories include family, holidays, birthdays, maybe a favorite toy, but my clearest, most vivid memories coalesce around the multiple spirits with whom we shared my childhood home. I learned early on to recognize where the proverbial veil thins, and the things that sometimes slip back and forth through it,” Schippers states in her foreword. These experiences helped grow the inspiration for her most recent book, Beyond Brick and Bone: A True Ghost Story.

The book recalls the moments when Schippers felt haunted by these spirits and how it intertwined with events happening in her and her family’s lives.

“By the time I was three years old, voices from just beyond my view became a regular occurrence,” she wrote in Chapter 2: Concealed. “Soon, other things began making themselves known to not just me, but to my siblings as well”.

Schippers now resides in Cadillac, Michigan, and was recently nominated for the Michigan Notable Book Award. The winners will be announced in March 2021.

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